Dining with my better half under stars

Soaking in the new found bliss of the BestRooftop Restaurants in Bangalore I along with my husband decided to enjoy our fine dine at Skywaft, renowned for its sky lounge and grill, my husband wanted to take me there from a very long time. As we had been very caught up and engaged with our respective schedules, this place happened to be perfect retreat after an arduous long week. When we reached their,my husband had already booked the table in prior, as I was comfortably seated enjoying the view under the canopy of scintillating stars the accommodation and environment created an alluring vibe of bliss, love, exhilaration and contentment.

This place creates a romantic environment for Candle Light Dinner for couples the peaceful environment and breathtakingly beautiful decor captivates and enchants you to enter a new world of blithe and gratification, after some time the waiter arrived and handed us the menu. He greeted us politely,the menu in this rooftop restaurant is quite impressive for it has flavorsome Andhra, Chinese and continental cuisine,after scrutinizing the menu, I and my husband wanted to savour something varied, so we decided to order different cuisines as I had been craving for appetizing Hyderabadi Biryani, my husband on other hand always has yearning and love for Chinese cuisine. So we decided to order Chilli chicken and Hyderabadi biryani,after some time the food made its way it looked extremely mouth-watering,to my utter surprise it tasted extremely divine and delicious as we were savouring every bit of our scrumptious meal, we thoroughly enjoyed each bite with relish the bewitching environment of hip music and karaoke created exuberance and delight.

I could fully enjoy my quality  time with my husband for the best part about this sky bar& lounge is that it ensures you non intrusiveness into  private spaces, call it a coincidence I being quite a reserved person thoroughly enjoyed my private space with my better half  and cherished  every single moment at Skywaft  . The breezy cool air the lights, the interior, the decor was so captivated under the awning of stars I rejoiced the complete moment as I felt special and nonchalant. Skywaft offers you food which is not enough for your body; it gives you food for heart and food for your soul. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city I was enjoying myself at the breathtakingly beautiful rooftop bar and pub Skywaft provides you unlimited delightful foods that you can devour with zest and rejoice each bite for its appetizing taste and be gratified by the solace of this place.

Some of the dishes which we enjoyed at Skywaft


  1. Thank you for visiting us and enjoying your time. We hope to see you more often at Skywaft.


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