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I had been looking for a creative Ad Film Making Company in Bangalore that can produce sterling program for my target audience, after serious planning and consideration I got to know about one of the best creative Ad agencies in Bangalore known as Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. The best part about Working in Mindfleck is that work is accomplished in a synchronized way to meet the needs and wants of consumers demand, requests that is fulfilled completely.

My experience was very satisfactory because their intelligent thinking, applied creativity, elegant design, qualitative production gave me the finest outcome; the best part about working with Mindfleck is that the environment is very creative, trustworthy, detail-oriented that helped me connect with my target audience’s.  The high-definition sterling video they produced was very creative, technically flawless, aesthetically beautiful and on message with brilliant content for which Mindfleck is among one of the best Corporate Ad Film Makers. The best thing about working with Mindfleck is they opt to execute integrated marketing strategies that draw on expertise of PR, inbound, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, video production and online advertising. Mindfleck created a seamless video as per my want they helped me develop an immersive, memorable experience for my targeted viewers, they guided me through every step of the shoot, right from the technical requirements of live action, sound making, to video stitching.  My experience was fulfilling as I thoroughly enjoyed how organized the video’s narrative was they performed some routine quality check, attached the voice over, music and sounds as per my need and requirement.  

Mindfleck is an integrated marketing agency that is not tangled to one definite discipline as they had an extraordinary look at my business goals and objective, they helped me design compelling strategies to attain them. My experience as a whole with Mindfleck was very enriching as they work in an amiable environment to bring dynamic and productive result and to help me develop my brand name appropriately, their constant endeavor to deliver result of Excellency makes them one of the finest Top Advertising Agencies in Bangalore. From the rising challenges businesses face today Mindfleck puts clients first and at the heart of everything that they do, they know how to get people; they are well aware how to keep going as per today’s market scenario, and how to turn client’s vision into reality.  They create campaigns that speak to people’s deepest needs and that drive passionate engagement. I eagerly want to work with Mindfleck yet again because they are a creative group that works with collaboration and cooperation for delivering progressive outcome meticulously.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words we hope to work with you further.

    Best wishes,
    Team Mindfleck


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